Gasoline Wholesalers

Profit margins for wholesalers are already tight and can slip away entirely if price risk is not managed. The price swings of 2020 were painful for many but also presented opportunities for companies with hedging capabilities. Powerhouse understands the many challenges Wholesalers face. Whether offering fixed or capped price programs or protecting the value of product in transit (pipeline, barge etc.), hedging is key to controlling profit margins and moving more fuel. Powerhouse has 30+ years’ experience designing and executing hedging strategies that successfully navigate the volatile markets you face. We stand ready.


Gasoline Retailers

The seasonal margin squeeze gasoline retailers face in the springtime can be reduced with an appropriate hedging strategy. Powerhouse works with retailers across the country to design and implement hedging programs to better defend margins when the squeeze is on. How can Powerhouse help you? Schedule a time to connect here.


End Users

Don’t let volatile and expensive gasoline prices hurt your bottom line. When prices soar, a surcharge may not cut it. When competing for a large bid, hedging expertise and flexibility can differentiate your company from the competition. Take control and hedge with Powerhouse. Find a time to talk more about your needs here.

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