Managing and sharing your current hedge position, and its impact on fuel prices is a daunting task for many firms. Physical fuel volumes and costs change daily and hedge position values change as well. Understanding at any time whether the company is properly hedged, and the impact of that hedge program on margins is hard.

Traditionally, companies have managed this on spreadsheets that start simply, but grow to be complex beasts. Spreadsheets are great, but they are hard to share, and easy to introduce errors by changing key formulas or data. On the other end of the spectrum, larger companies can try to manage this part of the business using part of a large enterprise software suite costing 10s or 100s of thousands of dollars.

POWERHOUSE has a simple software as a service application, M2M (mark-to-market), that can help you manage and monitor your hedging activity, and share the information with key players in your company in real time.

Key Features:

M2M allows you to see at a glance: 

Are You Properly Hedged?

Hedge volume vs Physical Volume by product, and/or hedge program

Hedge Gain/Loss

By position, instrument, product class, and/or hedge program

Blended Fuel Cost

Show cost of physical fuel with hedging activity included, by product and program

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