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Why We Are Different

We’ve always believed that the more you know as a client, the more secure your
trading or hedging decisions can be. At POWERHOUSE®, Team Levine has more time
and freedom to educate and support our clients at every step.

For example, do you understand the process leading to the order? Even more
important, do you know what distinguishes one broker from another? It’s far more
than fulfillment of an order.

We believe that intelligent decision-making requires some grounding in the
fundamentals of both petroleum economics and energy trading. Many customers are
new to hedging and may not understand that its function is to prevent loss – not to
“make a killing in the market.”

We commit substantial resources to teach our customers the ins and outs of
hedging, including information on trading energy futures and options on futures.
We provide this kind of support because in our experience, customers with a high
comfort level are more likely to be successful in their hedging program.