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Alan H. Levine

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

Alan is an internationally recognized expert in pricing and business practices in the energy industry. A petroleum specialist for over 40 years, Alan is a highly regarded authority on the relationship of energy futures to cash petroleum markets. He was a consultant to NYMEX at the inception of the heating oil contract in 1978 and is a hedge advisor to many energy interests.

Elaine E. Levin


Elaine has worked in energy futures with Alan since 1988, creating and executing hedging strategies for energy producers, distributors and end users. Elaine has lectured on energy futures before many state associations and taught the topic at numerous professional meetings, including the nationally recognized Fuel Management University.

David A. Thompson

CMT, Executive Vice President

David develops price risk management and sales strategies for corporate clients. He has a special interest in technical analysis – the trading discipline that focuses on the predictive power of price patterns.


William Wilson

Commodities Broker

William holds dual bachelor’s degrees from American University in International Studies and Arabic Language Studies. Proficient in Arabic, French, and Italian, William has advanced research and communications skills learned through extensive study abroad in the Middle East and Europe.

James Newton

Senior Consultant

James has more than twenty-five years’ experience in domestic electricity and natural gas markets. He is an expert in financial energy trading and managed hedging operations for a national energy services company. James has developed regional energy markets, developed power plants and overseen facilities operations.

Matt Walker

Chief Operating Officer

Matt is a seasoned entrepreneur, who has started and run companies in a diverse set of industries. Over the last 20 years, Matt has focused on building companies for growth with strong operational controls.


Davina Proffitt

Operations Manager

Davina has worked in brokerage operations for more than 10 years. She holds a B.A. in Business from the University of Toledo.